CHINESE Language Mastery:

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Watch how one of my clients speaks Chinese after ONLY a few months!

David, Software Engineer @ Facebook (GIPHY Team), United States,

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The New Way Of Learning CHINESE

If you are like most my students, you believe in improving your life by mastering Chinese, but you don’t have a system that will get you there quickly, without wasting years of your life.

Over the past 7 years, I engineered a new and the most effective system that helps my clients achieve conversational or even fluent level in Chinese in the shortest period of time.

Spots are Limited!

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Group INSANELY POWERFUL Weekly Chinese Coaching Calls will take you from zero to conversational/fluent in Chinese in the shortest period of time possible.


Victor is an Asian polyglot running 6 language programs for language learners all around the world. 12 years of learning experience and 3 years of coaching experience helped Victor to create his own system of mastering foreign languages quickly.

Spots are Limited!


Step-by-step process that brings real results of getting to conversational level in Chinese quickly. This extremely powerful system includes: Accountability System (students track their time of self-studying every day) and Weekly Missions (special tasks for practicing Chinese with native speakers in real life).


Do you have questions related to learning Chinese? Ask me on our weekly coaching call and I will answer all of your questions by giving detailed explanations. You don’t have to worry about studying by yourself anymore. 


After spending 12 years on learning 4 foreign languages and taking Chinese and Korean classes for 3 years in one of the top 7 universities in China and top 2 universities in Korea, I developed my own system of learning Chinese and Korean in the most effective and quickest way.

In addition to my own system, I use the most advanced methods and materials for teaching Chinese that are used in top universities in China such as Beijing University and others.

I only use materials and books that are officially recommended by Beijing University and are the standard for learning and teaching Chinese in China.

And that's not all. I'll tell you more on our first coaching session.

Spots are Limited!


"After 3 months you'll see yourself speaking CHINESE" 

- Victor

students from 15 countries and counting

Every week, I wake up to new testimonials of people from all over the world saying that my free or paid content or coaching helped them in learning and mastering languages.

David, Software Engineer @ Facebook (GIPHY Team), United States,

Mika, Germany,

Alex, United Kingdom

My Story

Although I got a Master’s degree in Economics from one of the top 7 Chinese universities and became fluent in Chinese at the age of 26, it was never easy for me. I struggled a lot with learning Chinese during my first year when I tried to study it completely by myself.

When I realized I had wasted one year on apps and unsystematic learning I decided to invest my time and money in learning Chinese in a systematic and most effective way to leverage my expertise and change my life.

Over the past 5 years, I’ve been working on a step-by-step system that can make anybody conversational in Chinese in just a few months. The only requirement is a commitment to learning and mastering Chinese.

Want to learn how it can help you master Chinese? Let's have a chat and I'll explain.

Victor Sazonov
CEO and Founder of Victor Talking