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17 Lessons from Becoming a Polyglot and Coaching People from 22 Countries

Do you feel that no matter how much you study, you still can't read that book or watch that movie or talk to a native speaker without stumbling every few words?

Or worse, maybe you can't even motivate yourself to study consistently every day to make any progress at all?

I know how it feels. I've been there myself. My students have been there. I spent more than 5 years on my first foreign language...

The good news is that's possible to fix. And you don't have to be special or exceptionally talented to master foreign languages. All you need is advice and actionable guidance from someone who has learned several languages himself and has helped others do the same. When I was 23 years old, I could speak just one foreign language. Just a few years later I became a polyglot comfortably holding conversations in Chinese and Korean. And a couple of years later, I started coaching students from all around the world and helping them to improve their lives by mastering languages quickly.

Let me help you. Apply for my new test group and join people from all around the world to learn how to utilize your subconscious power to start speaking any language in months.

Initial Price: $47


Asian Polyglot, Language Coach, International Vlogger, Author.

Speaks English, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese.


The subconscious mind is much more effective than your conscious mind for learning foreign languages. The methods and systems I've been using in my language coaching sessions are based on 12 years of experience of learning and teaching foreign languages, as well as on scientific research in how the human mind works. In this video course you will get an exclusive access to the most cutting-edje techniques of learning foreign languages.

Among the techniques I practice are those from the critically-acclaimed New York Times best-sellers How We Learn by Benedict Carey, Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman (Nobel Prize Winner) , and Managing Oneself by Peter Drucker.

My Journey

Most people think you need to be special or talented to learn foreign languages. That's not true and I'm the perfect example of it.

I wasn't born in a rich family. I didn't come from a first-world country. I didn't go to a prestigious school. Most importantly, I didn't have any natural predisposition to learning languages. In fact, it took me more than five years to get good at English, my first foreign language.

Yet despite all of that, I can now speak five languages and I'm professionally fluent in four of them. How is that possible? Let's have a chat and I'll explain.

Initial Price: $47

Program Details

17 STEPS TO USE YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS TO MASTER ANY LANGUAGE is a step-by-step program for helping ANYONE from ANYWHERE in the world become conversational/fluent in any language after systematic and effective learning using the most advanced methods for learning languages in the world.




The Core of the Program:

  • Number of high-quality video lessons: 17 (1-3 minutes)
  • Number of Bonus Videos: 3 (3-10 minutes)

The program also includes:

  • VIP Group Access (Access to our VIP Talking Community community of language learners from all around the world)

Benefits of the program:

  • Step-by-step process which brings people real results of getting to conversational levels in any language quickly
  • Access to the most cutting-edge methods and techniques for mastering any language as quickly as possible

Initial Price: $47