How to Learn Any Language with Textbooks

I used this method to go from zero to fluent in a few Asian languages and became a polyglot. This method will help you master any language in months. But before you start, you need to find a good textbook with grammar exercises (1), answer key (2) and audio (3). Now you are ready to go!


Every lesson has a text, vocab list and grammar explanation with exercises.

Firstly, listen to the new lesson’s text a few times. Try to understand at least something, it can be 3%. You probably understood just a few words from it. It’s perfect.


Read this text a few times and try to understand as much as possible. It’s OK if you can understand just 10% or 20% of it.


NOW you can look at the “New Words” and “Grammar Explanation” sections.

Go through the list of words a few times and read them out loud. But don’t do cramming. Just read a few times. You may notice that it’s easier for you to memorize a few words already. Maybe you have already memorized 3-5 words. It’s perfect.

As for the grammar section, try to read and understand all the grammar structures. But you don’t need to perfectly memorize them. You will come back to this section a few times in future, so don’t worry about trying to force all the information into your head. But the key here is to UNDERSTAND how to use these grammar patterns.


Repeat first 3 steps a few times. Now you can understand the text.

It’s OK if you don’t remember all the words.


Finish all grammar exercises and check your answers using the answer key (You should use books with answer keys. You can also find native speakers or teachers to help you.)


Go back and repeat the first 3 steps.


Move to the next Lesson and do the same.


RELEARN and REVIEW this book by using the 7 steps mentioned above.


This method is based on a concept which is called pretesting. Scientific studies show that pretesting helps people increase their speed and quality of retention and learning.

The key here is to challenge yourself and turn on your subconscious mind before you even start to learn anything. The best way to do it is to PRETEST yourself. Ask yourself a question first and only then you can look at the answer. This is how you increase your speed of learning and master any foreign language extremely fast.

By the way, don’t forget to practice with native speakers! Let me know how it works for you!

About the author

Victor is an international video blogger and Asian polyglot fluent in four languages.

He has been living in China and Korea and travelling all over Asia since 2016.

Currently, he teaches Chinese and Korean languages and works for a YouTube channel on East Asian culture.

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